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Home theaters for the escape you reallt need

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● 2 channel  for audiofiles and music lovers

● Opening the blinds to setting the temperature,
home automation is the answer.

Why choose us

Our relationship starts with a detailed, hassle-free consultation. We look at your space and tell you what you need, not just what everyone else is buying. Sometimes the enormous TV that works great for your neighbors will make you crane your neck because your room dimensions can’t accommodate that size. And you might think you need a certain number of hidden speakers to accomplish that Dolby surround sound effect when you really need fewer speakers than you think.

Once you’ve helped us navigate your home theater preferences and we’ve worked out a design concept, we’re ready to get to work! Leaving the installation to a home theater company means you don’t have to enter your walls, wire devices, or handle any of the stressful, costly mishaps.

Every home must have a foundation. Similarly, every smart home needs to be built on a core automation system that seamlessly integrates anything from a few to a thousand devices that you have within your home. Control4, our choice automation system, integrates with 16,000+ devices.

Close your eyes for a few seconds and picture a home theater. Some people might see a starry ceiling, dark furniture, sci-fi themed posters, and a wine bar. Others
see an Art masterpiece with bold patterns, classic film star images, and brass lighting fixtures. We don’t install the same theater twice, so let us help you create the escape you need.

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